Subscription Information

Subscription Levels

One of the key factors in driving visitors and potential customers to your listing in the International Filter Buyers Guide is choosing from the Categories and Custom Business Descriptions that best describe your business and products or services.

The popular Optimised Listing allows you to choose up to twelve Categories and an unlimited number of Custom Business Descriptions whereas the Basic allows one. There are over one hundred and thirty (130) Categories to choose from in the Directory. There are also hundreds of Custom Business Descriptions under the headings of Product Design, Materials, Applications, Contaminants, Solutions and Services that your business, products or services can be listed under. A company or business listed in the guide under the appropriate Categories and Custom Business Descriptions has a much better chance of showing in the International Filter Buyers Guide advanced search and also in Google search engine results pages.

Subscription levels and pricing are as follows:

1. Standard Listing is $20 for six months. A Standard Listing will let potential customers know more about you, your location and the products or services you offer. Depending on you geographic location and Google’s geo-location information about your business, your listing will appear in the Buyers Guide Map system. You can also choose from up to six (6) categories, can upload your company logo, be contacted directly from your listing and access the visitor counter which shows your visitor numbers.

2. Optimised Listing is $75 for one year and is our most popular choice. An Optimized Listing includes all the features of a Standard Listing but with much more. Your listing will be highlighted for maximum visibility and you can upload two (2) PDF publications such as a brochure and/or a catalogue. You can use up to 600 words for company profile, keywords and product/service descriptions. Choose from twelve (12) category listings and have your company Logo and two product or company images prominently displayed. See how your listing is performing with the performance report we send you each month.

3. Enhanced Listing is $120 for one year. You get all the benefits of a Standard and Optimized Listing but with additional features that help you get more from the guide. In addition to great features like Google Maps, comments and star ratings, the really powerful feature of an Enhanced Listing will showcase your listing at the top of category results pages. You can also upload up to three (3) PDF files, four (4) images and be included in up to twenty four (24) categories

4. Premium Listing is $195 will let potential customers know much more about you and the products or services you offer. A Premium listing includes all the features of Standard, Optimized and Enhanced listings but with the addition of Premium Front Page Exposure. You can also upload up to four (4) PDF files, six (6) images and be included in an unlimited number of categories.

5. Basic Listing is free. There is no charge for a basic listing in the guide and you can choose one (1) category for your business to be listed under.

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