San Francisco Ban Plastic Water Bottles

City Bans Sale of Single-use Plastic Water Bottles

The bottled water ban will be phased in gradually, coming into full effect in 2020 and applies specifically to bottles that are 21 ounces or smaller. The first phase, coming in October, will prohibit the sale of plastic bottles at indoor events on city property, such as in the Convention Center. As the ban expands in October 2016, vendors will be prohibited from selling single-use bottles at city-sponsored street fairs, food carts, city parks and other outdoor events.

There are some exceptions to the ban; sporting events such as running races will be exempt, and event organizers can apply for a waiver from the regulation if they’re unable to find a reliable water source to use in stead of bottles. San Francisco Airport will also be allowed to sell plastic bottles.

In addition, very large events with over 250,000 attendees will be allowed sell bottled water until January of 2018. San Francisco hopes to cut plastic bottle landfill waste down to zero by 2020…More

March 24, 2014


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