New Ford Pollen Filter Delivers Ultra Clean Air

The new cabin (passenger compartment) air filtration system introduced in the all-new Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy utilises activated charcoal – similar to the media used in advanced gas masks, respirators, and spacesuits. The air quality sensor shuts down incoming air when it detects carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels outside the car. As required, it also automatically switches on the advanced filtration and air recirculation system. The new Ford pollen filter is 50 per cent more effective than its predecessor at blocking ultra-fine particles that are more than one thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair. In order to help drivers suffering with hay fever, the new pollen filter blocks almost all nitrogen dioxide – a key trigger of asthma – and up to 99 per cent of pollen, and gaseous pollutants and of course smells/odours. The new filter system also contributes to driver safety as sneezing while driving at 60 mph may result in ‘driving blind’ for up to 20 metres. More than a quarter of Europeans suffer from hay fever, according to Ford with sufferers a third more likely to be involved in a collision…Read More (PDF)

July 31, 2015


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