Mann+Hummel/Microdyn-Nadir Now Major Player In Water Filtration

Microdyn-Nadir, the filtration membrane and module manufacturer from Wiesbaden, Germany is now 100 percent owned by the filtration specialist Mann+Hummel in Ludwigsburg.

Mann+Hummel Group increased its holding in Microdyn-Nadir to 100 percent after acquiring 50 percent of the shares in May 2014. The main goal according to the group is to establish Microdyn-Nadir as a major player in the water filtration business.

Through their new structure, both companies are confident they can react faster to market requirements. Minimal overlap of the filter product ranges as well as the different geographical market presence result in both companies complementing each other.

Microdyn-Nadir focuses on the production and distribution of flat sheet membranes and is a leading global supplier of membranes and modules for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. Mann+Hummel is a global leader in automotive filtration solutions as well as development partner and supplier to the international automobile and manufacturing industries. Mann+Hummel was already in the water filtration sector, but up to now has been focusing on the production of polymer hollow fiber membranes.

Since August 2014 Microdyn-Nadir has been responsible for Mann’s water business, marketing their membrane products under Microdyn-Nadir’s company brand. It is envisioned that Microdyn-Nadir will continue focusing on membranes and modules in the future. The ultrafiltration membranes and modules of Mann+Hummel will be marketed and distributed under the product brand Aquadyn, which is a registered trademark of Microdyn-Nadir in Europe.

Besides its own production sites in Wiesbaden, Germany and Xiamen, China, Microdyn-Nadir now has another manufacturing base in Singapore and sales offices in Raleigh, North Carolina USA and Jundiaí, Brazil.

Microdyn-Nadir is looking forward to an ongoing successful cooperation with its long-term partner Suntar Membrane Technology who they expect will continue be an important business partner of Microdyn-Nadir in the future…Read More

February 16, 2015


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