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Airguard is a full line manufacturer of air filtration products for HVAC applications and various industrial processes including paint booth products, high temperature oven filters, gas turbine intake filters and dust collector cartridges. Our Research and Technical Center is used to develop new products and processes, monitor the quality of production products and keep an eye on competitive products. We operate ASHRAE 52.1 and 52.2 test ducts on a daily basis to provide a steady stream of performance data. Other equipment on the lab includes, a photomicrography station, particle size analyzer, flat sheet tester, VOC duct and others. No other air filter manufacturer has an in-house lab facility to compare with Airguard. Airguard has a large worldwide network of company owned branch offices and independent distributors to provide the full range of our products with expert local service. Sales people are factory trained at Airguard University to enhance their product and application knowledge to recommend the best products for your specific requirements. Our people understand that you need clean air, not air filters. We maintain a large inventory of products at our distribution centers and our local sales outlets also carry a large inventory for the needs of their customers. No one in the filter business carries a larger inventory of air filtration products. Our primary focus is to provide innovative clean air solutions for all your air filtration requirements.


The product line has continually been expanded to provide a single source for all types of air filter requirements from disposable panel filters, pleated filters, roll filters, link filters and permanent filters to high efficiency pocket and rigid filters, HEPA filters, antimicrobial treated filters, odor control gas phase filters and dust collector cartridges.


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