EPA Recommends Flint Residents Use Water Filters

The latest sampling results from the US EPA confirm that lead-removal filters are doing their job of removing lead from water in Flint, Michigan. As a result, the EPA continues to recommend Flint residents use water filters in their homes. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) visited homes in the Flint area where high levels of lead contamination were previously detected in sampling by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. At each home the EPA took three different samples to determine the levels of lead in the water. The samples included:

  1. Raw water that wasn’t filtered
  2. Water from resident’s who had existing filters in use
  3. Water from new NSF-certified filters

The EPA also re-visited some homes with high lead levels it sampled previously, and re-tested water from their filters. The latest results show that NSF-certified filters are effective at removing lead from water.

Lead can enter drinking water when water mains or service pipes made of lead start to corrode. Some Water utilities or water treatment plants use corrosion control strategies such as adding orthophosphates which help provide a protective coating in pipes to help prevent corrosion. However, as ortho-phosphates are chemicals also, the best solution to remove lead and other contaminants from water is to use a quality water filter system.

February 18, 2016


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