Clean Diesel Fuel Essential Today

Clean diesel fuel is essential for the proper functioning of modern diesel engines. Without it, you risk downtime and expensive engine maintenance costs. This is especially true with today’s diesel powered vehicles and equipment. The high pressure common rail injection systems in newer vehicle engines requires extremely clean diesel to operate properly and efficiently. To complicate the situation, diesel fuel quality challenges have arisen recently due to changes in diesel chemistry itself, which further increases the need for efficient filtration and purification.

According to Donaldson Filtration Solutions, water is the great enemy of diesel fuel. In cold, moist climates it is essential to take steps to make sure unnecessary water is not in or getting into your diesel storage tank or the vehicle fuel tank. All diesel fuel contains some percentage amount of dissolved water. These water molecules remain part of the fuel until there are too many of them. The point at which the diesel fuel can hold no more water is called the saturation point. The quantity of water in diesel fuel is measured in ppm (parts per million). As long as the water stays below the saturation point as dissolved water it is typically not too much of an issue.

However, significant problems start when water separates from diesel and becomes free or emulsified water. Emulsified water is another form of free water; the droplets are simply so small and so well mixed into the fuel that they remain suspended rather than dropping to the bottom. There are no “droplets” when water is fully dissolved in the diesel fuel. Modern diesel fuel injection systems are so much less tolerant of water contamination than older lower pressure systems, that manufacturers now specify zero free water must reach the engine…Read More (PDF)

November 25, 2014


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